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Global Speaker & Corporate Creativity Catalyst

Global Speaker & Corporate Creativity Catalyst

Door: Karl Raats

Fact: 16% of professionals indicate they can put their creativity to good, if any, use at work. No less than 85% is afraid to speak up or speak out.*

Question: are you ok with that?
Or do you too sense that systematically sidelining our potential to contribute in novel and meaningful ways, may not be what we need more of?

Creative thinking and positive psychology

Optimism requires conscious choice and deliberate practice. tweet

Years ago, a teacher of mine predicted, “You won’t remain as optimistic as you are now. You’ll see.” Cynical, surely, but not an unjustifiable claim. Because cynicism thrives where optimism withers.

Optimism is more than a moral duty. To excell at it, requires conscious choice and deliberate practice. Only by nurturing the creative nature of your organization and yourself, creative potential transforms into concrete profit. Just as these companies have recently experienced during a keynote, workshop, training, or coaching.

So feel free to share your plans with me today, so we can double the chances for success.

For your inspiration: my name is Karl, creative thinking is my mother tongue, positive psychology my m.o. I am a proud certified De Bono Lateral Thinking trainer, Buzan Licensed Mindmap Instructor, TEDx Coach, Post-grad in Creativity, Innovation and Change, you know what… let’s connect on LinkedIn right away.

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* Active professionals in Western Europa. Adobe – State of create study: Global benchmark study on attitudes and beliefs about creativity at work, school and home – April 2012 / Margaret Heffernan – Dare to Disagree – TEDGlobal 2012